Portale turistico del Comune di Senigallia

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From the 1930s and 40s Senigallia became ever more famous as a tourist resort. 

The Rotonda a Mare  (circular pier) represents this trend, a famous monument, a true icon shaping the town’s identity and epitomizing its ambitions.
That structure, suspended between the sky, sea and land, was not just a precious jewel attracting tourists, but also it managed to harmonize in the best possible way, the values and tastes of contemporary society.

Like the arcades " Portici Ercolani " and later the market place " Foro Annonario ",  they were the ideal backgrounds for trade and commerce. In the same way, the Rotonda became the worldly haunt to show off new leisure fashions, the entertainment and physical fitness cults, loved by a growing mass culture wanting a place in the sun, even if only for a short holiday.
Since then and for several decades, the Rotonda represented many things contemporarily for the local people: a place for meeting and socializing, pleasant entertainment, the town’s symbol of cultural and artistic vitality.
It immediately became an important symbol of the town’s identity, as happens almost by magic, when modern influence manages to capture the roots and deepest feelings of a community.
In 2006 the Rotonda was reopened to the public after restoration and renovation work.
Because of its interesting architectural history and its strategic central position within Marche and Italy, the Rotonda has the chance to play an extremely important cultural role, stimulating potential artists of the area.
This venue is able to match and blend in the same space, entertainment functions, and events promoting tourism in the whole region. It is presented as a venue available to all and not just an elite group, to exhibit original proposals from all areas of contemporary culture.

Senigallia offers a launching pad, for the visual and performance arts, music, and culture in its widest sense by making the most of a location capable of sowing the seeds of talent and attracting artists from all over Italy and abroad.
So, the Rotonda is a precious witness to modern tourism, no longer based on intensive coastal development but rather on the idea of sustainable development undeniably linked to safeguarding the existing cultural and environmental heritage and quality of life.
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